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Here you can find affordable and unique handmade polymer clay beads!

Email me at for orders and inquiries.

Email Subject: Polymer Clay Beads

Content of email
Clay Set : B001, B002
Mode of payment: i-banking/Paypal
Postage: Normal/Registered
Country to mail to:

Local (Singapore) normal mail for every item- SGD0.50
(Singapore) registered mail for every 2 items - SGD3.00
Overseas normal mail for every item - SGD2.00
Overseas registered mail for every item- SGD5.00

- Important -
I do not take responsibility for lost / damaged mail. Damaged or lost items will not be refunded nor replaced.

A confirmation email will be sent for item reservation. Reservation(s) will be deemed void after 24 hours of no reply and non-payment. Item(s) will be immediately made available to others. Payment of purchases must be made within 24 hours after confirmation email has been sent.

No changes in order to be made once reservation of item(s) has been confirmed. However, if a cancellation is insisted, the buyer's next email order will only be reviewed 5 days later. A second cancellation warrants a 10 days next-order review. A third cancellation and thereafter will have a 21 days next-order review.

Please work with care.

Mode of payment - Funds transfer (UOB/POSB) and PayPal

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SGD1.50 / set
B001 - B042
All sets glossed.

Want to turn those beads into ear rings for yourself? Just let me know and we'll work on a price.


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