27 Oct 2011 - Angry Birds Custom Order

Custom order of Angry Birds

B389 - SGD4.00

Blue roses with white buds made with Jumping Clay. Lightweight and flexible.

B388 - SGD8.00

White roses with purple buds made with Jumping Clay. Lightweight and flexible.

B387 - SGD7.00

White roses with yellow buds made with Jumping Clay. Lightweight and flexible.

B386 - SGD8.00

White Roses with red buds made with jumping clay. Lightweight and flexible.

B385 - SGD5.00

White clay roses with blue buds. Made with Jumping Clay.

B384 - SGD4.00

Blue clay roses. :) Made with jumping clay.

B383 - SGD5.00 Reserved

Yellow and white tulips tied with a red ribbon.

B382 - SGD5.00

Purple and white tulips bound by yellow ribbon. :)

B381 - SGD5.00

Coral pink and white tulips. Tied by yellow ribbon. :)

B380 - SGD8.00

Coral pink roses with white buds.

B379 - SGD8.00

16 pcs of mini colored roses.

B378 - SGD6.00

Yellow roses made from Jumping Clay.

25 Feb 2010 - Custom Made

Made these name straps for a pair of cousins. :D Words made with Jumping Clay.

They requested for an additional bell which will be included later on. :)

B377 - SGD8.00

Word made with clay. 'love :heart:'

B376 - SGD4.00

Red roses. 1 big, 1 small.

B375 - SGD15.00

First attempt at making roses.

White roses. 1 big, 2 medium, 4 smaller sized roses. Selling as a set.

Matte, with holes.

B374 - Sold

4 lentil beads with silver foil. 2 sets available.

B373 - SGD16.00

A black flow-y charm with embedded beads. Can be used for necklace/lariat.

B372 - SGD10.00

Shimmery green, purple, blue lentil beads.

B371 - SGD12.00

A fairy in gold dust.

B370 - SGD8.00

Antique-looking clay hoops and leaf.

B369 - 8.00

2 pink heart beads with floral swirls.

B368 - SGD18.00

Tooth bead + 4 lentil beads with the word 'FLY' on both sides.

B367 - SGD17.00

Pendant with fabric rose, glass gem, ribbon and everything sweet.

B366 - SGD15.00

Pendant with a glass gem.

B365 - SGD18.00

Glass gem, gold polymer clay, glitter powder.

B364 - SGD10.00

Pendant with a glass gem. :)

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